Tuesday, June 16, 2020

In the Life itself the need for prophets and prophecies is fulfilled.

In a recent article entitled "Jesus wasn't nice ..." Micah Bales wrote:

And it gets me to wondering: How would Jesus speak to us?
The prophets are those people who hear and proclaim the words of God.
Source: http://www.micahbales.com/jesus-wasnt-nice-we-cant-be-either/

I am thankful that, through the power of the continuous immanent, self-evident, and self-sustaining presence of the spirit of Christ in my conscience and consciousness, I am draw out of the process of reflecting on an outward Jesus and having to engage in wondering or imagining how Jesus might act if he were before me in an outward bodily form ... as if at a distance. Through the indwelling and everlasting presence of the Spirit itself in itself in my heart, I know the voice of Jesus directly and without reflection. The Christ is come again in my conscience and is taken up habitation in my heart and it is discovered to me that inshining Life itself is sufficient in itself to guide and inform human relations without regard for outward political, religious, and social similitudes, imaginations, thoughts, visions, or persuasions of other people about Jesus Christ. Christ is come again inshining and transforming the foundation of being and consciousness. I am the life, and the life is in me, and is all around me.

In this dispensation, the need for prophets and their prophecies and the very process of reflective thought to guide and minister to human social relations is passed away. The living experience of the second coming of the Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit continuously inshining upon the heart and conscience has brought an end to the need for the outward gifts ... the perfect is come and has taken up habitation in the hearts and conscience of human being and is sufficient in itself to administer human relationships and interactions and the partiality of the prophets is faded in the presence of the impartial. There is a different way of being in this world that is not of the nature of the reflections of prophets and prophecies which are of the nature of partiality. The need for the outward voice of the prophets is diminished through the ever living, inshining, and direct self-evident and self sustaining voice of the spirit of Christ.

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