Tuesday, May 19, 2020

When the season of the outward ministration of others is passed and fulfilled in the everliving presence of Christ.

In an article published in The Friends Journal entitled "A Parallel Universe" the author writes:

The Spirit works on us to enable us to give something of what we have received to others, to act as a mirror. So it& is that God works not only directly but through human beings, each upon another.
Source: https://www.friendsjournal.org/a-parallel-universe/

Through the power of the spirit of Christ continuously present in my conscience, I am drawn out of the process of being guided and informed through the outward or mirrored agency of others. The operation of the spirit of Christ is sole and sufficient guide itself in itself in matters of human relationships and interactions. The time or season of the spirit mediated or mirrored through the ministration or persuasion of others is passed away in the fullness and light of the everliving presence and habitation of Christ in my conscience and consciousness.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Draw out of reflective thought

People's relationships and interactions are generally mediated through the interplay between feelings, will, perceptions, sensations, and thoughts (the functions of the body). The appearance of the immanent and everliving presence of the spirit of Christ in the conscience sometimes draws people out of the process of being or life that is mediated through the reflective function of the body in matters relating to human interaction; they are come into relationships and interactions being guided and informed or mediated by direct awareness of the stirring of Christ's presence in a given interaction. This intuitive stirring or impulse is experienced as an incremental rising, lessening, or stagnation of direct awareness of the immanent presence of the self-sustaining spirit of Christ in the conscience and consciousness. The fluid and multi-directional awareness of Christ's presence in a given interaction or circumstance is literally what guides relationships. The experience of an upsurge in Christ's presence indicates behavior toward another is in align with the government as of Christ. An experience of a lessening of awareness of Christ's Presence indicates a check in behavior that is out of the government and life of Christ's immanent presence. It is this dynamic and living awareness of the stirrings of Christ in the conscience that is the language and communication of the spirit itself in itself. This is living in the face of God.

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